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Raven’s Brew Coffee is driven by a fanatical love of coffee, coffee lore, coffee quality, and rare coffees. Deadman’s Reach is not just a high-speed blend with a sweet bite, but a cultural experience. This website is deadicated to that culture.

August 2015

Give Up The Roast: Raven’s Brew Coffee Dead Man’s Reach vs. The Birthday Party

Some press for Deadman’s Reach from ALT CITIZEN

The Birthday Party
“I stumbled upon Raven’s Brew during a family trip through Alaska. After seven days on a cruise ship with nothing but swill water coffee to wake my tired eyes, I was desperate for a cup o’ joe that wasn’t spat out of a K-cup. Walking through Ketchikan’s answer to an “alternative,” Portlandia-esque cultural hub, I spotted Raven’s Brew’s open-air coffee hut like a beacon in the night. It was a glorious moment; I’m sure that a choir of angels sang upon my arrival. After chatting with the friendly barista about our Chicago roots and a mutual love for A.F.I., it was time to pick out some souvenirs. Admitting my dislike for citrusy roasts, the barista helped me settle on Dead Man’s Reach, their most famous (so popular that it deserves its own website) and darkest roast...” More from ALT CITIZEN.
May 2015

Deadman’s Reach, A Love Story

Some good fun with Alaskan scenery.
February 2014

Damn Good Coffee

A Poem by Christine m. Foster

Woman at a window

“I met a man” she said.

“A man from my past” she added.

And although he couldn’t muster...


February 2014

12 Seconds at the Beach

A mini beach vacation slide show.
Photos from Long Beach and Cape Disappointment State Park in Washington.
February 2013

Vignettes from Vermont...

Review by Art Gallery Dude

Deadman's Reach

BENNINGTON — To make the comparison between coffee and art because it seems like the natural thing to do, or maybe not but who cares, Deadman's Reach is gritty like McNulty and strong like Barksdale, muscular like Stringer Bell and dank like Omar, raw like Bubbles yet robust like Daniels. In other words, it's devastating and sublime like characters from The Wire. Both come at you with fire and fury and make you want to mainline it. Continue»

February 2013

Of All the Crazy Luck

Fiction by Kenneth Sibbett

Glowing Girl

Marcel stood in line at the local convenience store, sweating bullets. He didn’t like people in the best of times, and this damn sure wasn’t one of them. The place was packed and the line was long. It had taken him all day to get up the courage to get this far, and he was ready to bolt for the door at any moment. As he was about to leave, a new line opened and the big lady with the beautiful eyes looked at him and said, “Next”. He knew every eye in the store was on him, staring holes through his back, even though no one looked like they were looking at him. Tricks! Yes, they were all very tricky. Continue»

January 2013

CADAVER – A bittersweet love story

Another take on raising the dead. A cadaver wakes up to say a last goodbye to his wife but discovers a truth in death he didn't know in life.
An animated short starring Christopher Lloyd, Tavi Gevinson & Kathy Bates.
November 2012

Deadman's Reach makes an appearance in this review of a coffee grinder.
November 2012

In Need, Indeed

A Poem by Mark Dupré

In Need, Indees

I was In Need; In Need Indeed,
For it was a rainy and early Saturday September morn
When all good Science Teachers trudged to the
Local University for a Robot Test Drive.

A kindly Professor confessed that I looked like I was In Need;
In Need, Indeed of a flaming hot cup of Joe...


August 2012

The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe

Read by John De Lancie

This classic is the first of the QMx Masters Series.
Produced by actor/director John De Lancie.
July 2012

The Mitchell-Hedges Crystal “Skull of Doom”

History & Mystery

The Crystal Skull of Doom

By all accounts, F. A. Mitchell-Hedges (1882-1959), was a colorful character: stockbroker, entrepreneur, angler, amateur archaeologist, expert poker player, mercenary for Pancho Villa, Leon Trotsky's roommate, adventurer, story teller (radio show host and writer), possibly, a spy for the English Crown – and is associated with the discovery of a skull carved from pure quartz crystal. Continue»
June 2012

Katsuyo Aoki’s Predictive Dreams


Porcelain skull

Katsuyo Aoki has had numerous solo exhibitions and awards since graduating with a BFA in painting in 1998 from Tama Art University (Tokyo, Japan). In 2000 she received her masters in ceramic art and currently uses ceramics as a means of expression.

Sculls decorated in a rococo style make up her Predictive Dreams series. Each one-of-a-kind scull is made from cast porcelain. She says that her style references “historical backgrounds and ideas, myths, and allegories”... Continue»

May 2012

Animating the Sketchbook

The Making of a Short Film by Quentin Vien

Storyboard for the Deadman's Reach Film
© Quentin Vien
As mentioned back in January, Quentin Vien was then planning to animate his Deadman's Reach Sketchbook. Now the film is in the works and a rough animation of the storyboard is ready for viewing. The final version of the animation will go through repeated refinements and tweaks before the film is completed in October. Continue»
May 2012

Ken Burns: On Story

by Redglass Pictures

Filmmaker Ken Burns talks about storytelling… and his mission to wake the dead.
Directed by Tom Mason and Sarah Klein
Music by Ryan Sayward Whittier
Animation by Elliot Cowan
(Via Brainpickings via The Atlantic)
May 2012

Karen Lybrand | Studio Arts

Island Boathouse
© Karen Lybrand

Karen Lybrand lived in Ketchikan, Alaska for 22 years before returning to her roots in Maine. It was during her time in Ketchikan that she began doing work as a graphic designer and illustrator for Raven's Brew Coffee.

As a commercial designer, she has left her mark on all of the Raven's Brew... Continue»

May 2012

The Boundaries of Life and Death

by Saskia Kretzschmann

This short animated film is based on Edgar Allan Poes quotation: “The Boundaries which divide life from death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where the one ends, and where the other begins?”

A student solo project, the creation and the implementation of the animation took about three months to complete.
(Via Brainpickings)

April 2012

Mourir Auprès de Toi (To Die by Your Side)

by Spike Jonze

This stop motion animated film was in the making for about a year and a half
and used over 3000 felt pieces to animate the characters.
Directed by Spike Jonze and Simon Cahn
Animated By Sylvain Derosne and Léonard Cohen
Created by Olympia le Tan
April 2012

The Naming of Ketchikan, Alaska

History & Art by Mary Henrikson

Salmon in creek
Fish detail © Mary Ida Henrikson

When I was young and asked, “What does Ketchikan mean?” I was told Stinky Fish Creek.  I was disappointed my hometown had such a pungent name.

When Ketchikan lost its natural resource industry and began to rely on tourism for economic viability, those in marketing circles knew “Stinky Fish Creek” just wasn’t going to make it.  So it was redefined approximately as “Sound of Thunder on the Wings of an Eagle”... Continue»

March 2012

Hall Anderson, Photographer

Photography & Art

Hall Anderson self portrait
© Hall Anderson

For nearly 50 years, Hall Anderson has been intrigued by the inherent drama in natural and urban landscapes and in ways ordinary people interact with their surroundings.

He loves the discovery of the moment – the excitement of the unscripted drama of the street. He often shoots from the hip with little forethought, with only the inner sense that he's on to something. To watch Hall in action is to watch a master; he makes it look effortless.

March 2012

Of Coffee and Borgs

Fiction by Larry Lawson

Of Coffee and Borgs

While visiting another city about 40 miles up the road from where I live, I had to wait for an hour to see a man I wanted to talk to about business.

I went next door to one of those hoity-toity coffee shops. I'd never been in one before. They were apparently upset that I just wanted a simple, good, cup of coffee; not one that was a work of art, or made from beans imported from the red sands of Mars or some-such, just a good cuppa joe. Eventually... Continue»

March 2012

The Wicked Art of Abigail Larson

Art & Interview

Detail from Alice
© Abigail Larson

It all began in the dark withered forests of Virginia. The birth was marked by howling winds, volcanic eruptions and a procession from the other worldly realms to honor the child that would give their ranks visibility in the coming years.

Abigail Larson was inspired to create from the time she could first hold a pen. In spite of her parents wishes to the contrary, she grew to love things of a bizarre frightening sort, including the works of Mary Shelley, Bram Stoker, H. P. Lovecraft, Edgar Allan Poe, Edward Gorey and classic horror movies. Continue»

March 2012


Fiction by Kenneth Sibbett

Old Man with Guitar by Pablo Picasso

Lester sauntered through the Flea Market. He had nowhere to go and was in no hurry to get there. Since he retired and his wife, Ellen, had died, he mostly worked around his house or in his workshop. When he was a young buck he always had somewhere to go. He remembered getting his first driver's license. He bought an old clunker of a car and put some used Mag rims on the tires. After shining up the tires and dash and putting on a good wax job, it didn't look half-bad. It wasn't new like the rich kids had, but it ran great. Back then he always had places to go and people to see. Not like now. No, not like now. Continue»

Feburary 2012

Amazing Rush

Poem by Travis Laurence Naught

Amazing Rush Illustration

Take it!
Take every fucking coffee bean I have ...
Take it all!

But you will never have all of my caffeine

Because I will sniff the dried tea leaves
From bags I steeped ages ago
To get the fucking rush that I love

I will grind every chocolate bar in the house
Down to molecular dust
And separate the sweet sugar nonsense...

Feburary 2012

Years of Deep Curiosity, The Art of Ray Troll


Detail from Fishes of Amazonia
© Ray Troll

What’s in a name?
If your name is Ray Troll, it could be that living with the name Troll for years would begin to exert an influence in some way – as in trolling for fish. But not literally.  When Ray’s art career began to take off it was fueled by a love of fish: painting fish, drawing fish, catching fish, eating fish. With an insanely popular hand silkscreened t-shirt ... Continue»

Feburary 2012


Fiction by Kenneth Sibbett

Soldier hitchhiking

The young soldier, wearing military camouflage and carrying a duffel bag, was standing on an off-ramp leaving a truck stop and heading east with his thumb-out. Southeast really, but that's as the crows fly and the interstate has a mind of its own. He was wearing his camouflage because people will pick-up a soldier a lot faster than they will anyone else. He knew it was illegal for him to wear an army uniform and he would probably go to jail if a cop stopped him, but, fuck it. The court-martial was over. He was given a dishonorable discharge, fined all of his back pay and taken off base by the MP's and told to leave town. That simple. At least the bastards couldn't eat him. Continue»

Feburary 2012

Our Time to Go

Fiction by Larry Lawson

Adam and Eve by Durer

I cannot tell you what woke me that night. I know that it was not a loud noise. One wakes up differently to a loud noise. Perhaps it was just the soft sssh of an elderly slippered foot on soft stair carpet. Or perhaps a soft groan had escaped the old woman’s tightly pressed lips as she mounted to the landing where I huddled in an overstuffed chair under the glow of the only light that was ever left on after 10:00pm. Continue»

January 2012

The Sketchbook of Quentin Vien

Art & Interview

Blank book covered in a Deadman's Reach bag
Photo © Quentin Vien

Quentin Vien currently lives in London, England and works in the animation industry. He has been filling a blank book with sketches for a couple of years now and is in the early stages of transforming the sketches into an animated short.

How did you acquire the blank book with a Deadman's Reach bag cover?
My mum was in Sienna, Tuscany, a few years ago (probably around 2006) and discovered a workshop where a guy would sell handmade books. She can't remember the name but it was close to the Piazza Del Campo. (If any one knows the shop, I'll be interested to know.) The only hint I got regarding the book shop is a stamp on the first page... Continue»

January 2012

Separating Sara

Fiction by Kenneth Sibbett

body parts

Marty sat at his desk at home, watching the kids across the street playing a game. It looked like “You’re It,” a game he had played as a child. He smiled remembering how terrible he was at it.

It’s funny what you remember on your birthday. Yeah, he was 50-years-old today and going through a mid-life crisis. Everyone reads about them, but until you get there, you just don’t know. He had worked hard as an insurance salesman years before opening his own company, which had been very successful. He knew everyone wanted insurance, whether or not they could afford it. Continue»

January 2012

The Shaman’s Grave

Alaskan Adventure & Art by Terry Pyles

Clan House by Terry Pyles
Clan House, acrylic painting © Terry Pyles

In southern southeast Alaska, several years ago, I provided local knowledge for Bill, a photographer on assignment with National Geographic Magazine. He had rented a 32’ yacht, the M.V. Shaman, for the summer and I accompanied him every other week for about a week at a time, while he worked with his assistant.  My job was to watch their backs, keep them safe from bears and local hazards, and to find locations for taking photographs of salmon underwater.

A friend of mine, Bob, a veteran sailor, joined us on one of the trips.  We were nearing a well-known abandoned Tlingit village that we decided would be worth exploring. We launched the inflatable and went ashore. Continue»

December 2011

Just a ‘Swingin’

Fiction by Kenneth Sibbett

noose and flames

Ron sat down and stared at his little brother, swinging in the strong breeze – the aftermath of Irene. A large swirl was making the wooden brace that held the rope make a creeping noise every few seconds. Ron drank out of his pint of Popov vodka (probably the reason Eric was dead anyway) and looked at Eric, slowly swinging from the oil-smeared junkyard rope that had been on that wooden brace for years and had taken out so many motors that he couldn’t really remember them all.

That it was one hell of a piece rope went through his mind, even though he didn't want it to. He remembered when his dad bought that big piece of rope, brand new from... Continue»

December 2011

Phoebe Blume

Music Interview

Phoebe Blume
Photo © Phoebe Blume
Singer/songwriter Phoebe Blume released her second album titled Into Your Fold in September of this year – a delicious selection of lush, haunting songs that span many genres. Listeners are cradled through intimate journeys. The rich, deep musical delivery of her songs are crafted and arranged with the utmost care, designed to carry off the listener. Honest and cutting, but sometimes tender and romantic, Blume’s lyrics peppered with irony tell timeless, emotional stories through sophisticated means. Phoebe’s time spent in the deep south shows through in blues-flavored melodies, while her years of classical training are encapsulated in rich, string-enhanced music-beds and melodies. Continue»
December 2011


Fiction by LC Neal

Full Moon
Photo ©Luc Viatour /

There were four brothers, and five more men who may as well have been. They had all grown up, she was told, in the wild center of Florida; west of Withlacoochee State Forest, on Bradley Lake.

The brothers were all six feet, wiry and toasted pecan, with sun-streaked brown hair falling to just above their tool belts in ponytails made of intricate braids. She found out later that they wore their hair that way only on a job; the braids came out when the job was finished. Continue»

December 2011

A Ghost Near the Lighthouse

An autobiographical ghost story by Maureen J Andrade

Photo © Maureen J Andrade

When I was twelve years old, my mom, my twin sister Patty, and I drove from the Portland area to Mendocino, CA to visit my Aunt Katie and her family. It was a long drive, but Mom expected we could make it in a day. Save for one major detour, when she drove to Yreka instead of Eureka, we made good time. After twelve hours, we were exhausted, but the end was in sight. Winding down a country road to the starlit bluff of Pt. Castillo, we saw a row of nineteenth century Victorian houses and a lighthouse transposed against the Pacific Ocean. Continue»

November 2011

Philosopher’s Fuel


The Ingredients for Kahlua

Ahhhhhh, Synaptic sparkle with subtle vapors of perversion… an esoteric ink of uncoiling, if you will. High-octane, too. The first ingredient in this Rustic Kahlua recipe is the ever-so-difficult-to-acquire Patience. Consider yourself warned, this is the stuff of Gourmands and crazy, three-eyed Philosopher-Alchemists. To quote M. Maier from his Atalanta fugiens, Oppenheim (1618): “If one fetches the king from the Mercurial water, one should be careful that he should not lose his crown... Afterwards one should place him in a steam-bath, so that he loses the water that he has swallowed, and then marry him, so that he produces a royal son.” Continue»

November 2011
Iced Coffee

Deadman on Ice


A couple of years ago we tested all of the primary Raven's Brew Coffee blends in search for the ultimate iced coffee and Deadman's Reach was the clear winner for iced applications.

For a single serving we used about 1 Tbs of sweetened condensed milk and added it to about 6 oz of strong coffee (we used 1 overflowing Tbs of whole bean coffee freshly ground and prepared with a Hario filter cone) – you may wish to adjust this ratio and brewing methods to your own buds. Cool and add ice.

This is so simple and so yummy you may find yourself keeping a gallon or so in the fridge to cool your afternoons.