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Feburary 2012
Amazing Rush by Travis Naught

Take it!
Take every fucking coffee bean I have ...
Take it all!

But you will never have all of my caffeine

Because I will sniff the dried tea leaves
From bags I steeped ages ago
To get the fucking rush that I love

I will grind every chocolate bar in the house
Down to molecular dust
And separate the sweet sugar nonsense
From the speed spinning
Silver laced atoms that take my brain
On high flying trapeze acts
After ingesting 47 Hershey's kisses worth
Of that substance

No one will be able to get me down!

And coffee is nothing like Red Bull
Which is fine and dandy on its own
Making my pupils dilate
Looking forward towards many bright hours
That otherwise may have been dull
Without it

But mixed with Crown Royal ...!
My words cannot begin to explain the
Excited and hell bent feelings
That go bouncing off the inside of my skull
Brains wired enough to actually go through
With the crazy ideas
Presented while drunk off a couple rounds

So go ahead and try to deny me
By stealing those beans which I offered so innocently
Never actually expecting you to take me up
Surprising me even when you grabbed the bag

But that is ok
Because as you can see
I will not be denied this caffeine speed!

©Travis Laurence Naught

About the Author
Travis Naught

Travis Naught is a 28 year-old quadriplegic with a published book of poetry, The Virgin Journals, available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble online and direct from the publisher (ASD Publishing).  Raven's Brew has been his coffee of choice since discovering it on a weeklong fishing adventure in Alaska during the summer of 2008.

The Virgin Journal cover

“Naught's collection [in The Virgin Journals] possesses such a solid honesty; he has allowed us to tap directly into his mind. He offers prose that does not dwell on bitterness, but uses wit, weighted only slightly with uncomfortable facts, to ease away on the simple notes of words from possible despair. There is this perfectly composed, yet subtle, juxtaposition of how physical dependency is no match for a clever and confident tongue.”
—Megan McConnel, Raven's Brew Coffee

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