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Hall Anderson, Photographer
Photo © Hall Anderson
March 2012

For nearly 50 years, Hall Anderson has been intrigued by the inherent drama in natural and urban landscapes and in ways ordinary people interact with their surroundings.

He loves the discovery of the moment – the excitement of the unscripted drama of the street. He often shoots from the hip with little forethought, with only the inner sense that he's on to something. To watch Hall in action is to watch a master; he makes it look effortless.

Hall's photography got its formal start in 1969, when he took his first class in black-and-white photography at the University of Oregon. But it wasn't until 1984 that his life's work began as the staff photographer for the Ketchikan Daily News. Many award-winning images later, Ketchikan and Hall Anderson are still a perfect fit.

House Fire
House Fire, Ketchikan, Alaska   © Hall Anderson

View of Deer Mountain Fireworks
Saxman Sunset, Saxman, Alaska  © Hall Anderson

Ward Lake, Ward Cove Alaska
Grassy Point at Ward Lake, Ketchikan, Alaska   © Hall Anderson

Fireworks on Deer Mountain
Deer Mountain Fireworks, Ketchikan, Alaska  © Hall Anderson

In 2007, Hall began working on a book project after receiving a grant from the Rasmuson Foundation. After four years of scanning photos, countless hours of editing and adjusting the images, Still Rainin' Still Dreamin' was released in late 2011.

Book News of Portland, Oregon writes: “In this lovely book, Anderson presents 100 of the photographs that he took for the Ketchikan Daily News since 1984. Mainly a storyteller (as opposed to a documentary or art photographer), his images show us two small boys fishing at the city park; a candlelit rally in the days after 9/11; an abandoned bear cub looking over the shoulder of one of its rescuers; and members of a Japanese-American family proudly sitting at the counter of their downtown café. Clearly showing that it's not only the 'A-list' photographers who can create interesting and moving work, Anderson's volume will appeal to any reader interested in good photography.”

4 photos by Hall Anderson
Photos by Hall Anderson © Ketchikan Daily News
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Stencil Works

border detail stencil
Borders (detail) © Hall Anderson

A post about Hall Anderson would not be complete without a bit about his work with spray paint and stencils. Hall has been doing stencils (and giving them away) for over 20 years. These works are about as close as you can get to music with a purely visual approach: they take the viewer on tiny lyrical journeys. Plus, they are just downright fun.

Hall has this to say about his stencil work: “My stencil art comes out of a desire to do something creative that is a total departure from my profession as a newspaper photographer. In the mid-1970s, a couple of friends got involved with the international correspondence art movement started by New York artist, Ray Johnson, twenty years earlier. Seeing their collection of mail art triggered a desire to make my own impression with that form. Spray paint has always been an interesting medium to me – it's quick and spontaneous. The creative potential fed my interest in stencil art and in using the simple envelope as a canvas for expression. Over the years, artistic possibilities of stencil art has increased with the collection of found objects I use to create interesting layers. I feel like I’m creating wallpaper samples, with a twist, for the mail.”

Stencils by Hall Anderson
Detail from Dark Industry and Twist, Twist © Hall Anderson
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