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Karen Lybrand | Studio Arts
Island Boathouse © Karen Lybrand
May 2012
That's Coffee by Karen Lybrand
That's Coffee © Karen Lybrand | Hand-pulled etching

Karen Lybrand lived in Ketchikan, Alaska for 22 years before returning to her roots in Maine. It was during her time in Ketchikan that she began doing work as a graphic designer and illustrator for Raven's Brew Coffee.

As a commercial designer, she has left her mark on all of the Raven's Brew Coffee mainline labels. She created most of the label fonts and digitally colorized Ray Troll's black and white illustrations. She even restructured the composition for Skookum Blend® and simplified the Raven label. She illustrated the Alaska Moka Bar™ label and designed the first Raven's Brew coffee bag, the original 14 oz Deadman's Reach® bag and several commuter mugs. And, in collaboration with Ray Troll, created the Santa Caws™ illustration.

Hybernation Dream by Karen Lybrand
Hibernation Dream II © Karen Lybrand
Hand-pulled linoleum print

Besides her commercial design work, Karen also creates originals and limited edition prints (linoleum prints and etchings). Printmaking remains a special area of interest for her, mainly for the technical challenges and the potential to make multiples that are similar yet not exactly the same. She enjoys the rich history of printmaking and the surprise and drama of working with a combination of plates for the final image.

Her inspiration comes from things that she has seen, read about, or observed on a walk - all of which inform the next project. She has yet to bring her digital knowledge to bear on her studio art but concedes that this is probably something that she will explore in the future.

Currently, she has a few prints in her sketchbook poised for development as well as plans for doing more plein air work this summer. She hopes to find the same inspiration in Maine that she found in Alaska.

Swimmers by Karen Lybrand
Swimmers © Karen Lybrand | Hand-pulled multiple block print

Beach Day by Karen Lybrand
Beach Day (Ketchikan, Alaska) © Karen Lybrand | Hand-pulled etching

August Light by Karen Lybrand
August Light III © Karen Lybrand | Mixed media

The Cranberry Pickers by Karen Lybrand
Cranberry Pickers © Karen Lybrand | Pastel

Deer Mountain
Spring Dance (Deer Mountain, Ketchikan, Alaska) © Karen Lybrand | Hand-pulled multiple block print

Fall Patterns
Fall Patterns © Karen Lybrand | Mixed media

New Years Day Skating by Karen Lybrand
Skating on New Year's Day (Ward Lake, Ketchikan, Alaska) © Karen Lybrand
Mixed media

Common Loon © Karen Lybrand | Hand-pulled & hand-colored block print

Humpback Whale
Humpback Whale © Karen Lybrand | Colored pencil

You can find more work by Karen Lybrand on her website:


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