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Phoebe Blume
Photo ©Phoebe Blume
December 2011

Singer/songwriter Phoebe Blume released her second album titled Into Your Fold in September of this year – a delicious selection of lush, haunting songs that span many genres. Listeners are cradled through intimate journeys. The rich, deep musical delivery of her songs are crafted and arranged with the utmost care, designed to carry off the listener. Honest and cutting, but sometimes tender and romantic, Blume’s lyrics peppered with irony tell timeless, emotional stories through sophisticated means. Phoebe’s time spent in the deep south shows through in blues-flavored melodies, while her years of classical training are encapsulated in rich, string-enhanced music-beds and melodies.

Pheobe wrote, performed, and recently rearranged, the Ballad of Deadman’s Reach as well as created the Ballad of Deadman’s Reach video (below).

Recently, Phoebe’s award-winning music is catching the attention of critics and A&R alike. She has music signed with Rescue Records, SYNCHUP, MTV and Rumblefish, and is featured on two compilation CDs: one with Urban Angel Music out of Belfast, Ireland, and the other with Deep South Entertainment in Raleigh, NC.

Phoebe Blume
Photo ©Phoebe Blume

“With the release of her CD Into Your Fold [Phoebe Blume] proves that love and heartbreak are intertwined.” Says Liam Sullivan, author of Making the Scene Nashville (2011) “She is a true artist and one who is in total control of her songwriting craft.”

“Without a doubt, the most unique record I’ve heard in 2009. It’s a record that get’s better every time I listen to it,” (Roy Elkins, CEO, Broadjam, Inc.). Phoebe Blume’s debut album, The Homing Beasts, (September, 2009) received high acclaim as a transformational piece spanning multiple genres. Said Rex Benson, (Rex Benson Music Group) “the package has amazing variety and humor...not to mention a fair share of angst...It's rare these days to hear such story-telling.” 

Who is in your band and how long have you been playing together?

The length of time listed is only for me, but all these guys have worked with one or the other at other times…Joe and Pete have worked together for 20 years, actually:
Phoebe Blume (Vocals, Banjo, Keyboards)
Pete Burger (1.25 years) (Percussion 1)
Joe Croce (2 years) (Bass)
Andrew Machin (3 years) (Guitar, Mandolin)
Aaron Malsch (1 year) (piano/keyboards)
Rich Sellars (2 years) (Percussion 2, Back-up vocals)

How much touring do you do?
We are newly re-formed as a band, so everyone is learning the new material. We are planning for a tour in Spring 2012. It would be our first, and we would most likely head North through Portland, to Seattle and (possibly) Canada.

What would you say are the optimal conditions for songwriting?
I can only speak for my own songwriting experiences when I say that, if the lyrics are coming, grab a pencil and a paper napkin…the flow of the words dictate the conditions. When the time is right, all I need is a pencil and paper.

What drives you to create music?
I have created music for endless reasons. Sometimes for a gift, perhaps an homage, sometimes for contest entries or film/TV placement pitching, other times, I am writing specifically for an album or performance. No matter what the reason is behind the song, I always try and create a piece that I would want to listen to again and again. It has to grab me, then keep me.

Can you describe your creative process?
There is a strange sensation when a new song is coming. It’s like spider-sense, or feeling something creeping up behind me. Things begin to align blatantly, connections become obvious. It seems there is a calendar or cycle that my brain goes through, like the rotation of a planet. Only once in a certain length of time will the planet be perfectly aligned, thus, receptive to input and change. These are the glory days of songwriting, when the pencil nearly steers itself. The rest of the time, I write the lukewarm verses that I just can't seem to throw away, just to keep the joints oiled.

What have you been listening to lately?
Unkle, Beastie Boys, Bjork, Booker T. and the MGs and J.J. Cale.

I’m intrigued by the lyrics for Judgement Day, can you explain what inspired you?
I wrote Judgment Day around the concept of Dante’s Inferno. I Imply that, following the path/stairway through hell takes you to and from one sin and punishment every 10 miles. So, 90 miles long…starting with the mellowest punishment for those in limbo, then 10 miles down to lust, etc… until I get all the way to the end for those who’ve committed “treason.” I interpret that as “deceit.” For each punishment, I am roughly describing my own sin I have committed that brought me down to that level. (Click here for the lyrics.)

Into Your Fold album cover

Sample mp3s:

Into Your Fold is available for download on Phoebe’s website,, and at as well as iTunes. In addition, check out her previous album, The Homing Beasts, at

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