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Animating The Sketchbook: The Making of a short film by Quentin Vien
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May 2012

As mentioned back in January, Quentin Vien was then planning to animate his Deadman's Reach Sketchbook. Now the film is in the works and a rough animation of the storyboard is ready for viewing. The final version of the animation will go through repeated refinements and tweaks before the film is completed in October.

Ben Franklin JR will be doing the music for the film and will be the voice of the main character. You can keep up with the making of the film here.

The Sketchbook

The Deadman's Reach sketchbooks ready for sale

A postcard comes with the book
Each book comes with a donkey-man postcard.
Quentin is self financing this film with the help of sales from a limited printing of his Deadman's Reach Sketchbook (5¾" tall x 4¼" wide). This hard bound numbered edition is only £20.00 with shipping from London, England (about $33.00 US with currency conversion fees) – which is a steal! And you will be able to say that you helped finance a film. With only 500 books printed, it's a stunning and rare addition to any coffee table. Very cool. You can check out all of the sketches from the book in detail and pick up a copy or 2 here. I just got my copy in the mail – it's a totally awesome little volume!

All images ©Quentin Vien

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